Monday, 26 March 2007

The story of the (now) British archers

So you know that I planned [transforming some Pictish archers to Romano British ones]( Well, it's done now, they're dressed in green stuff. This is them before:

Pict archers

and after:

Now Romano British archers

As you can see, I left one of them in his loincloth, just because there's a nutter in every army. There's also quite a lot of left over green stuff spread around the bases. It always amazes me how little of the stuff you actually need. Basically, take the smallest estimate of what you think you are going to need, and then mix up half that. You'll still have some left over.

Total conversion time was around 3 hours, so a bit longer that I expected, but I like the result. Now let's see how they paint up -- they're off to get some mold lines (and one 'shield knob' I forgot to snip off) removed before they go into the spray booth (aka the great outdoors).


  1. Impressive work, Bart.
    I am just finishing another batch of Saxons by the way, so am looking forward to the next scenario in the age of arthur book.

  2. Nice work Bart.
    Seems that while your were busy with the green stuff, the porn-spammers found the back door to your blog :D
    Koen DS

  3. I should say 'Hi' back to Benoit, and hope that the last two posts aren't sending him to sleep when he is supposed to be drinking coffee. Will try hard to make an effort to keep contributing. Alan