Sunday, 26 July 2009

Franco Spanish fleet, part 1

These are the first 19 ships of the Franco Spanish fleet at Trafalgar:

Franco Spanish fleet at Trafalgar, part 1

They're Forged in Battle 1:3000th scale figures, which I got from [West Wind Productions](, as part of their big rules and fleet pack deal. The pack contents do differ from what they should contain (I think I only got 1 three decker, while there should be 3), but at this scale, nobody's really going to notice. The one three decker I got will become the Santissima Trinidad. I did get two ships with a full and studding sail configuration (the rest have the main sail furled), but they only have two decks. Perhaps they are meant to be the 'large 1/2nd raters' as mentioned on the pack contents - I'll be using them to represent the Santa Ana and Principe d'Asturias (which you can see leading the leftmost column - seen head on - on the picture).

The ships paint up fairly easily, taking about the same time as a 28mm infantry figure to paint.

Next up are the remaining 14 ships for the Franco-Spanish fleet, and then the 29 ships of the British fleet.

Oh, some pictures of the three regiments of Swedes are due as well, but their bases aren't finished yet.

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