Saturday, 25 July 2009

Painting log

In a blatantly transparent attempt to up the post count on this blog, I'm introducing a new category of posts where I simply list what I've painted. I'll still post pictures of finished units now and again, but I'll expect them to consist of several units grouped together, as I seem to be painting faster then I'm photographing these days.

I'll keep track of my painting using the hobby 'standard' of Olley Points. I haven't been able to find a formal definition thereof on the web, but it's basically a very simple system introduced by [Phil Olley]( of League of Augsburg fame wherein a certain type of figure corresponds to one point. The basic system is 1 28mm infantry figure = 1 point. The rest of the types of figures extrapolates from this, based on the difference in painting time. For me, I'll use 1 28mm infantry = 1 point, 1 28mm cavalry (horse + rider) = 2 points, 1 1:2400 Napoleonic sailing ship = 1 point.

So, counting only this month, I finished:

* 16 Warlord games Romans: 16 points
* 18 men + 1 horse Musketeer GNW Swedes (Närke-Värmlands regiment): 19 points
* 19 men Musketeer GNW Swedes (Västerböttens regiment): 19 points

And tonight I'll normally have finished:

* 19 Figurehead 1:2400 Napoleonic sailing ships: 19 points

So, my painting total so far this month is an impressive (for me) 73 Olley points.

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