Friday, 31 July 2009

Some Old Beastmen part 2

As promised a few days earlier, here are some pictures of my latest painting jobs. Disclaimer: I am an adept of speed-painting, and all my figures are painted for gaming, so do not expect very high standards here ;-)

First is a group of beastmen. These are Citadel beastmen, from the old Realm of Chaos range, ca. 1991. I gave them a maggot as a shield design, which I handpainted. I guess it came out sort of okay, although it could have been better. The monolith and 'evil mushrooms' are from Grendel, the hexes you see on the floor are the Kallistra Hexon terrain.

Varied group of Beastmen
Second group are 3 mutants, same old Citadel figures.

6 Harpies, also Citadel, late eighties, early nineties.

For my pulp adventure gaming, a group of monkeys. All of them are cheap plastic toy figures.

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