Sunday, 17 April 2011

Holowczyn: deployment

Here's the final map for the deployment of the Holowczyn scenario:

Holowczyn deployment

Main differences with the previous one are reworked hills (thanks Alan), blended-in terrain and -- obviously -- the Swedish and Russian units at deployment.


  1. So, are these all little images imported in photoshop or a similar 2D image manipulation program?
    If so, I'm interested in them as well, so I can draw up my own maps :-)
    Good work for our S&V annual!!!

  2. They're all high resolution PNG images (the background for them is transparent), scaled and layered over the drawn bits of the image. I use Pixelmator, which is indeed a Photoshop-like image manipulation program for the Mac. Remind me next time we meet and I'll burn them on a CD or put them on a USB stick (they're several megabytes each).