Monday, 11 April 2011

Mapping experiment

As mentioned yesterday, I have been experimenting with a new way of drawing maps for scenarios. It basically consists of a mix of drawn features and photos of actual terrain pieces. Here's the first result, a map for the Holowczyn game with the first four Swedish units already on:

Poltava map

It still needs some work, such as (obviously) adding all the other units and blending in the photos a bit more, but it is finished enough to give an idea of the final look. Comments appreciated!


  1. Very impressive! Can you get the hills to stand out more? They look a bit flat - assuming they are hills...

  2. Yes, they are hills :). They are indeed the part I'm least satisfied with. In the game, the big hill was made with a rolled up blanket under the game mat, so that's a bit difficult to photograph :). I'll have to think a bit on how to make the hills stand out more.