Sunday, 10 April 2011

WWII Radar station

My basic plan this year is to put on one 'big new' game every month. This means a game with a new scenario, or revisiting an old period, or something like that. Last month's game was Holowczyn (a new scenario), while this month's will be a WWII 20mm bash whose center piece I have been painting over the last few evenings:

IMG 2119

That's the 20mm radar station from Grand Manner, of whose excellent products I have a growing collection (the fort in the Poltava game is another Grand Manner piece, and I have some 28mm scenery awaiting paint for the Napoleonics games). The radar tower and the three roof pieces lift off, providing gaming access to the inside of the bunkers and dug outs.

As you'll notice, the picture above is a top down view of the terrain piece. That's because of something I've been quietly working on for a while now: I'm taking top down pictures of every terrain piece I have (well, not exactly every one, but a representative selection of all types) for use in scenario and battle maps. The first result of this (the map for the battle of Holowczyn) is almost finished and will appear here later.

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