Sunday, 11 October 2015

Battle of Lesnaya, first version

Some time ago, we played another scenario with my Great Northern War collection on my home table. The turn out was pretty good with Phil, Eddy, Koen and myself (obviously) playing the game.

The scenario was my first stab at the battle of Lesnaya, probably the second most well known battle of Karls Russian campaign, after the battle of Poltava itself. Lesnaya took place in the fall of 1708 when a supply and reinforcement column from the Baltic army led by Adam Lewenhaupt was intercepted by a flying column of the Russian army, before it could join Karl and the main army.

As the scenario was only the first attempt and needs some fine tuning and play testing, this post will just show some pictures of the proceedings:

And for those of you who scrolled this far, the battle was pronounced a marginal Swedish victory. The initial Russian rush managed to get into the forming wagon laager but was decisively beaten back by Swedish reinforcements. Of course, in reality, the Swedish also held the field at the end of the day and only disintegrated (for reasons mostly unknown) on the march the next day.

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