Saturday, 10 October 2015

Lion Rampant, 1st playtest

Yesterday we had our first playtest of Lion Rampant (Osprey), although this was more in anticipation of the upcoming Dragon Rampant rules, in our quest for the ultimate fantasy rules.

The game went pretty smoothly, although it was a bit difficult at the start to get used to all different numerical values for all sorts of different actions.

Also, we had some questions about the Courage rules. If you get casualties in a melee during the opponent's turn, you make a Courage test. If - as a result - you become Battered, you make another Courage test at the start of your turn. That seemed a bit harsh. But maybe we missed something ...

Definitely worth a repeat.

Here's the picture of our game, medieval knights vs. Orcs. The latter were used as a standin for Welshmen ;-)

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