Saturday, 10 October 2015

Making Mountains (2)

As mentioned before, this year at Crisis we will run a game set in the North-African desert, using our Woodens figures. The game will involve a convoy travelling along a road through the desert and trying to reach a fort. Along the way, Arab warriors will try to ambush the convoy.

I wanted to have a very long road, but that was abit impractical since it would result in a very long table. So we opted for a table that would loop upon itself, divided by a mountain range. Since mountains are very hard to represent visually on the wargames table, we took the excellent example from the colonial wargaming site by Major Tremorden Rederring, using mountain profiles. By putting various profiles behind each other, and by making little platforms, it can be made to look as if figures are really occupying the mountain passes.

My mountains are nowhere near ready yet, but in the photographs you see a little test setup of what the game will look like. Lots of scenery elements still need to be added, but more importantly, the mountains still need to be painted and textured.

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  1. Wonderful work sir. I believe I can see your template hanging on the wall behind :-)