Monday, 19 October 2015

Making Mountains (3)

With Crisis a little more over 2 weeks away, time to get serious.

Over the weekend, I glued crumpled brown packing paper to the mountains, such that they have a "textured" look. I also added some clumps of green flock to break the monotony of the colour.

Below you see some photographs, with some of the Woodens ready to ambush the poor French legionnaires.

Still to do: the mountains on the other side of the "divide", since below in the photographs you only see half the intended gaming table.


  1. Now I think that is a wonderfully simple, yet very effective way of portraying mountains on the gaming table.

  2. Cracking stuff. Major General Tremorden Rederring would be proud!

  3. Yes, the inspiration came from the old Tremorden Rederring site. Although we experimented with making such mountains before, the results were never fully satisfactory. Now, instead of cardboard, I used MDF for the profiles, and used a corner profile (readily available from DIY shops here in Belgium) to make the little steps.