Friday, 5 August 2016

Naval wargaming for kids

Some simple rules to quickly set up a game for kids - made up on the spot when they asked for a game at "Uncle Phil's Toy Room":
  • 3 types of ships: large, middle, small.
  • Choose 3 ships to move when it's your turn.
  • A ship must move forward 1 hex, then may make a 60 degree turn. Small ships may make a 2nd movement.
  • After movement, you can fire in any of the 4 side hexes (not the front or back hex).
    • Large ships roll 4 dice, middle ships 3 dice, small ships 2 dice
    • Target may shoot back (if it can do so) with 1 dice only (so it is important to manoeuvre such that you can attack instead of receiving the hits) 
    • Hits on 5,6
    • Large ships have 4 hits, middle ships have 3, small ships have 2.
  • If you must move into the hex where another ship is present, both roll a dice, sunk on a 6.
  • Anything else is made up by the umpire on the spot.


  1. Cool, great to see youngesters getting into Wargaming.

    I see you are using Wizkids 'Pirates' range of Pocketmodels but I notice you based them? Have you glued them together then?

    1. Yes, they are Wizkids ships, and yes, I glued them to bases. A bit easier to manipulate and position correctly.

  2. On a side note, nice simple rules, but I'd allow large ships to fire in the front hex as most of the largest ships would have some type of small cannon in the prow IIRC.

    1. Good idea, will include that in my next iteration.