Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wet Paint: Livgardet till Fot

Finished last evening, and photographed straight off (well, actually on to be precise :) ) the painting desk, here are the first battalion of the Livgardet till Fot of the Swedish Royal army of the Great Northern War. If the Swedes are the panzer divisions of the GNW, these guys are the King Tigers:

IMG 1286

IMG 1287

Figures are Musketeer for the rank and file and Wargames Foundry for the brass. This is mainly because the Musketeer command figures have just the single pose, and I already have 7 other battalions with them in it.

More detail once they are based and photographed better. I gave myself 20 points for these (19 foot figures plus an extra one for the green stuff work and conversions on a few of them), bringing my total for January to 46.

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