Friday, 25 December 2015

Lion Rampant Hexified: Pictures

In a previous blogpost I explained our rationale to convert Lion Rampant into a hex-based ruleset. Below are some images from that game.

I set up a scenario based on scenario #3 from Charles Grant's scenario book Scenarios for All Ages. The scenario features a regular force - armed with ranged weapons - trying to cross the battlefield vs an irregular force consisting of mostly melee types.

The regulars are medieval types - knights, archers, knights. The irregular force are barbarians. Figures are mostly old Citadel or Grenadier figures.

The battlefield is kept rather empty. We did this on purpose to allow lots of manoeuvring and not to be hindered by all sorts of little obstacles. The main features are 2 hills and 2 forests, which counted as rough ground.
Scenario 3 from Scenarios for All Ages
Overview of the battle.
We allow units to overflow their hex. Singe units maintain a full hex distance between them, this is not a problem.
Medieval Knights. All old Citadel figures.
Archers in action.
The barbarian horde approaching.
Another overview of the table.

To conclude, here are some more pictures of the wargaming room :-)

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