Sunday, 21 May 2017

Magazine Index now contains 3600 article entries

Almost 2 years ago I started the Wargames Magazine Index.

So far, each magazine had its own tab in the overall data sheet, but a few week ago, I added a compiled list (all entries in one big sheet), which greatly facilitates searching. This single sheet is updated automatically once every week.

Currently, this are the number of articles entries, counted by magazine. Multi-part articles usually have a single entry.

wargamesillustrated 1711
miniaturewargames 422
practicalwargamer 372
miniaturewargames w battlegames 272
wss 236
battlegames 232
wargannual 163
wargamesworld 56
vae victis thématiques 40
classicwj 38
secrets of wargame design 25
wargamersnotes 12
wargamesjournal 8

Visualized in a pie chart:

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  1. That is amazing -- a real service to the hobby, Phil. Thank you!