Sunday, 22 July 2018

Tactics II, Replay (3)

The game continues. We ended the previous past half-way through turn 4.

Turn 4 (August)

Blue still had to take his turn, and matters looked not so good on the Northern Front. So it was time for a counter-attack.

Blue Move 4
At least some of the attacks were succesful, an by gathering some more units, at least a front line could again be established.

Blue Turn 4 after combat resolution

Turn 5 (September)

Hurricanes are suddenly reported (weather roll). This means no airborne landings, no marine landings, no sea transfers. Luckily, Blue did a few sea tranfers during the last turn to establish something that looked like a frontline. As for paratroopers and marine units, most of them are eliminated anyway.

Since at the end of this month, friendly home cities will count vs replacement units, Red will try to take at elast Blue's besieged city.

Red Move 5
 Although perhaps not much was gained, the front is slowly being pushed forwards.

Red Turn 5 after combat resolution

Blue wants to regain control over its northernmost city, so tries to bring up as many units as possible, and tries to eliminate some of Red's panzer disvisions as well. However, this means retreating from the Central Front, in order to keep at least the illusion of a front line.

Blue Move 5

The attacks succeeded ... Blue gets 5 replacement points, Red gains 6 (its central city is not under Red's control). Both sides decides to invest in paratroopers, marine units, and armoured units. 

Situation at the end of Turn 5.
 Here's the overview of Red's losses vs Blue's losses. I think Blue is doomed :-)

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