Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Imaginations in 42mm (19)

This weekend at Warcon we will run our 42mm Imaginations game. I finished 2 additional units for each side, one side getting 2 extra infantry regiments, the other army 1 infantry and 1 cavalry regiment. I still have an infantry and a cavalry unit on the painting table, but these will not be finished in time. I still need to finish two buildings.

So, what will the game look like? I am trying to aim for a more simple, stylized, toy-like look. That means a green (gridded) cloth for the terrain, some simple trees, and I decided to unearth my old Geohex hills (they haven't seen a gaming table for a long, long time ...).

The scenario is based on a traditional Charles Grant table top teaser. Both sides approach from oppositie banks towards a river, there are 6 possible fords (only 2 of which are fordable, unknown and selected at random), and the winner has to control both fords by the end of the wargaming day.The dynamic of the scenario is such that both sides probably want to find out the exact location of the fords first, and depending on their location, will develop a plan for crossing the river and try to secure a bridgehead. I have played this scenario in various settings before, and always gives some good games.

General overview of the table. Two buildings are still missing.
Another look.
New cavalry unit for Green. Figures are semiflat homecast Schneider figures (I didn't cast them, I acquired them like this :-)).

New infantry unit for Green. Figures are also from Schneider. The paper flag is handpainted, and fits in with the other infantry flags.
A new infantry unit for Blue. Figures are Schildkröt. The paper flag is handpainted. The Blue army is a more "modern" army, and hence the more modern flag design.

Another new infantry unit for Blue. Figures are again Schildkröt.
A look from the Blue side.
... and from the Green side.