Tuesday, 15 September 2020

ACW House rules: commanders and random events

Here you see the cards for commanders I am using in our ACW house rules. The idea is that the player draws random cards equal to the number of commanders in the game (we use 1 commander per brigade, 1 brigade usually has 4 to 6 units), and then the player can assign these commanders to brigades as he sees fit and according to his plans.

The stats per commander are command radius (range in hexes for activating a unit), and applicable modifiers on top of the base roll of 7+ to activate the unit (either a move, fire or charge order; or a bonus for a specific type of unit).

The card are from an old card game Dixie (Columbia Games), and I'm only using them for the illustrations. I'm using post-its attached to the cards for game related information.



And here are the "random event cards". Players draw 3 random event cards at the start of the game, and can use them once only during the game. If a card is not applicable, it can always be used to give a unit a +3 Str boost.


  1. G'Day Phil, good use of the Dixie Cards! I still have mine and have used them for similar purposes. We used to play ACW with On to Richmond rules which cards to activate commands, we found the General cards were great for that, Cheers Greg (Delta Coy Blog)

  2. Greg,
    I always loved those cards - and I have also used the unit cards in a draw-and-activate-units manner in a previous iterations of my rules.
    I have a similar set for Waterloo, but I haven't used those in a similar manner :-)
    Will check out your blog ...