Monday, 25 April 2022

What to do with all those old Airfix figures?

Due to some construction in the garage where I keep a lot of my wargaming hoard, I had to clean up the garage ad move many of the stash to a different place. I took the opportunity to do some culling, but one thing remains on my mind: what to do with old Airfix figures?

I still have a fair amount of them (not only Airfix, but ESCI, Revell etc as well), some of which still on sprues, which we used in our old wargaming days. They haven't seen action for at least 15 years or so, all replace by fancier models.

The classic answer would be to donate them, bring them to the local charity shop, etc. But then again, who would be interested in that old stuff? Chances are they simply will be transferred from wargamer to wargamer over the years, always forgotten and never used. So, wouldn't it be better to throw them into the garbage bin right away?


  1. Arrgh .. no .. they will find a willing home .. eBay?

  2. Phil.
    It would be sad to throw them away. Not speaking for myself, as I don’t at the moment want any more Airfix (I have had kind donations from other gamers downsizing) but there are bound to be nostalgic gamers and collectors who do.
    EBay is the other alternative.
    Some of the early 1960s version 1 OOHO figures have their own charm and their own following.
    54mm 1:32 Airfix also have their own fans. I hope you find a kind home for them.
    Mark Man Of TIN Blog UK

  3. I absolutely would be interested in them. 20mm, and especially Airfix, is my greatest love in terms of gaming :) Naps, ACW, ww2 and even ancients (see the blog) ...consider me interested sir!

  4. There seems to be lots of fellas still intrested in those old plastics- large FB group - 1/72 scale figures they often feature on that.

    1. Doesn't surprise me. they're sometimes nice figures with better anatomy than 28mm stuff.

    2. Very true. I sold off the last of my old Airfix in the 90s - but have been tempted by some more modern releases by such as Redbox or HAT - see the Plastic Soldier Review site. Trouble is the material they are made of often lets them down . Tempted to try 54mm though

  5. For many of us these models are still doing what they were intended to do; providing a cheap way for beginners to quickly put some toys on the table and roll some dice. I'm sure someone will see the possibilities and be glad of them.

  6. I wanted to get rid of a large amount of plastics soldiers several years ago. I gave the figures away, all I asked for was that the person receiving them to pay postage. I think it worked out for all concerned. The idea of just throwing them out when I knew fellow gamers could use them made this the right decision (for me).

  7. I have just done a blog post on the content of my spares box, which had a whole load of figures in it, most, if not all, of which I won't use.. I offered them free to any blog reader who wanted them, just pay for postage and I'd send - my only proviso being they had to be used.. very pleased to shift a whole load of old Minifgs to a gamer who was delighted to get them.. so offer them free here would be my advice, buyer pays the postage...