Thursday 31 August 2023

Fort Liezele

The village where I live is also the site of the best-kept armoured fort that once formed part of the National Redoubt  around Antwerp. "Fort Liezele" as it is known, recently got a complete overhaul. It is of course a military heritage site, but also has a lot of other functions.

Part of the renovation was upgrading the current museum inside the fort. The museum focuses on the building of the fort during the pre-WW1 period, but also on the outbreak of the war and the role of the forts before WW1 got bogged down in trench warfare. Fort Liezele was not realy invovled in the fighting - the German breakthrough towards Antwerp happened in another sector of the defensive perimeter around Antwerp. It's also the reason why Fort Liezele barely received any damage (and also, only 1 soldier died during August 1014 in the Fort before the Fort surrendered).

I'm also completing my training as a guide to the museum and the Fort. When there was a call last year for new guides, I of course volunteered.

But anyway, here are some pictures of the renewed museum. I restrict them to only the uniforms, for the other things, you might have to come and visit yourself ;-)

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