Thursday 2 November 2023

TSA Bring&Buy

About two weeks ago (October 15), Tin Soldiers Antwerp organized a 2nd hand event to give wargamers the opportunity to sell their old junk. With the demise of the bigger miniature wargaming cons in Belgium, this type of smallish gaming events is a nice alternative to meet up with old friends and to buy some stuff.

So, what's the loot? 

There's always room for more medieval types in my collection, so I bought a painted set of 5 mounted knights. Unfortunately, one knight lost his arm and shield during the transport back home, we can quickly repair that.

From another wargamer, I bought this nice pair of carts / baggage wagons. These are always a nice addition to any scenario.

I'm an addict of old wargaming books and booklets (although I do have a rather sizable collection already), and I'm always on the lookout for miniature fantasy figures form the 70s and 80s.

Last but not least, a complete set of Vae Victis, issues 1-60, with all the games still unused inside the magazines.

It was a nice event, and so a lot of wargaming junk got moved around. A good quote I heard on the day: "Wargaming stuff moves around all the time, being passed from wargamer to wargamer, in a continuously repeating cycle. Somewhere in the future, the last wargamer standing will have accumulated all our collective wargaming stuff, as a sort of wargaming black hole. And when that wargamer dies, wargaming ceases to exist as a hobby."


  1. I believe wargaming is already ceasing to exist as a hobby. The demise of your shows is a pointer to this.

  2. Wargaming is changing, I agree with that. But I'm not so sure it's disappearing. Warband games are the dominant format now, and yes, that's different from big Napoleonic battles.

  3. Gamers are generally old greying men now like me. Of course the hobby is slowly on the way out. Look at the pictures of show attendees these days for proof. Simon

  4. Appreciate the time and effort you invest. Your informative posts are gold.

  5. I think the hobby is slowly going under. It’s certainly changed and not for the better in my honest opinion.