Tuesday 30 April 2024

The Sword and the Flame

Last Sunday we played a colonial game. It had been a long time we set up a game with a colonial theme, but JP was so kind to host a game, using the well-known The Sword and The Flame rules.

Eddy and I were the players. The fun part was we all had a different copy of the rules, with apparantly slight differences for some rules. But since we're not the rules-lawyering type, it didn't matter that much.

Eddy took the British, who had to defend a compound, I assaulted with the Pathans. Near the end, as could be expected, al units had converged on the compound and it became a numbers game. The Pathans prevailed.

Here are some of the pictures (more pictures here):


I wore my lucky Napoleon socks.

JP and Eddy overlooking the table - still empty.

Briefing of the scenario.

The first casualties.

Pathans closing in.

More Pathans approaching from the other side.

The approach continues ...

Pathans attacking the compound.

The British defending the compound as best as they can.

Rules discussions going on :-)

Lots of casualties on both sides.

Near the end.

Overall, it was a fun game. However, we agreed the scenario could have been better. Having a single focal point (the compound) on which all units converge, means for a cramped game area-wise. It's amazing how we all know this, yet often make this same mistake when setting up scenarios.


  1. I do like TSATF rules , getting the scenario right is the trick I think.

  2. That's a really good comment at the end, about how we can so easily not think enough about the game play and how to design a table around interesting objectives to get a better game. Looks like you had fun all the same. Nice socks!