Monday, 18 July 2016

Imaginations in 42mm (6)

It was a hot summer day today, so I took the opportunity (in between some time for real work :-)) to finish the 2nd side for my Imaginations in 42mm project. Figures are from the Balkan range from Irregular miniatures.

As with the 1st side (earlier blog and blog), I haven't decided on names for countries, let alone names for regiments and such. The only thing I needed for painting was a dominant colour for each army (Blue and Green), a colour for each regiment, and a flag design. This still leaves me plenty of imaginative room. After all, historic armies have lots of examples where the "1st Regiment" was officially the "3rd Royal Battalion", but was known as "The Jabberwockies", has a blue standard, but wore red on the cuffs, except after 4 o'clock, when they wore yellow.

General overview of the "Green Army"
1st Infantry regiment, regimental colour black. General commander of the army shown in front.
2nd Infantry regiment, regimental colour red.
3rd Infantry regiment, regimental colour blue.
Artillery, battery colour brown.
1st Cavalry - green.


  1. That is a nice collection Phil!

    1. Inaugural game one of the coming weeks. Perhaps you should come and participate!

    2. Let me know when it happens.
      I just might...

  2. Looking forward to the battle report and pictures.

  3. Those look great. I'm tempted to get some of the 42mm League of Augsburg.

  4. Lovely stuff. I am working on a French invasion of England c. 1900 in 42mm.