Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nostalgia: Heroclix

When cleaning up some digital archives, I came across some old pictures of one of my Heroclix games. This particular game took place in 2005, in my previous house, and when looking at the pictures, it seems as if it took place in a completely different era.

The pictures are not that good (I guess taken with a smartphone at the time), but show more or less the setup we had. I built a couple of buildings out of styrofoam blocks, and placed them on top of the map sheets that came with the Heroclix game.

The players are not my regular miniature wargaming gang, but the boardgame/roleplaying group I still play with regularly. Actually, we are in the process of redesigning our (Dutch-language) roleplaying game Schimmen & Schaduwen. More info about that on this blog.

I always liked Heroclix as a gaming system. The idea of having all the stats on a clickable base was novel at the time. I still have a huge box full of figures, but haven't played the game for years.

Dirk and Wout pondering about their next move.
I guess this movie was playing in 2005.
Wout moving a figure in Smallville.
Wout, Kurt, and Wim.
A little inside joke.

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