Monday, 11 July 2016

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower painted miniatures

Yes, I was seduced by the Dark Force! I acquired a boxed set of GW's latest game, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.

To be more correct, I bought the game together with my long-term gaming pal Dirk, with the intention of playing it in our regular gaming group. We never pass on the opportunity to play some good old-fashioned dungeon crawls!

The plan was that I did most of the prep-work. Assembling the miniatures did take quite some time. Next, I had to decide whether to paint them, and how. The original plastics all come in the same grey colour, so they don't look very attractive. But, the miniatures are very detailed, so they beg to be painted.

I decided to go for a typical boardgame look-and-feel, with one dominant colour for different types of figures, and no detail painted in. Hence, I spray-painted all the miniatures, and applied a wash, or a dry-brush, or sometimes both, but nothing else. I think the result is quite ok.

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