Saturday, 30 July 2016

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower painted miniatures (3)

Earlier this week I tried the new Warhammer Quest with my boardgame/roleplaying crowd.

I must admit we embarked on this game more out of nostalgic feelings than anything else. After all, most of us were GW junkies during the early nineties (the good days! :-)).

As reported before, I made a small effort of mono-chrome-painting the various figures in the box.

The actual gameplay was a bit underwhelming: lots of die rolling, saving them, another save, ... to end up with no hits in most cases. Our feeling was (albeit after only one game), it's more a skill-puzzle game rather than dungeon-combat, let alone dungeon exploration.

None of us really felt immersed in the dungeon setting, a rather important issue when playing this type of game.

Anyway, we'll play it again (after all, it is an expensive game), so our opinions might still change. We'll probably have one player manage the monsters and skip the behaviour tables (let the GM decide what the monsters do), such that there's some more challenge to it.

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