Sunday, 31 July 2016


And here are some more old-school aliens I finished over the weekend.

These are 5 figures from the "Zarquin" range, produced by Minifigs (see list on lostminiswiki, and they are still available here). I acquired these particular figures from a wargaming buddy who did away with some of his old minifigs figures. Since there were only 5, they probably must have come in a single pack.

I always feel old-school figures need an old-school painting job, so I went for a brighter colour palette than usual. It's always hard to pick good colours for aliens due to a lack of reference material, so I always try to imagine what sort of planet they would live on, and then try to come up with colours that match that theme. In case of the Zarquins, I imagined they would live on a very hot lava-like planet, and so their colour schemes would be mostly red/orange/yellow. So that's what I did.


  1. Hi Phil,
    the aliens look better then ever! (being painted by a 12-13 year old back then)

    They were not sold in packs, you could buy them as singles in those days.