Sunday, 13 September 2009

Nelson's column at Trafalgar (and some extras)

As promised, here are the photos (notice that I was too lazy to remove my kitchen table from the photo :) ):

Nelson's column - 1

Nelson's column - 2

Additionally, here's todays workbench pic:

Bavarian infantry

For some reason, these already look the part, even though there's only two colours of paint on them. I'm doing these a full regiment of 24 figures at a time - I'm curious to know where my upper 'army painting' limit lies.


  1. I'm impressed if you can paint 24 napoleonics at a time, Bart.
    The ships look nice. Time for a mega game of Trafalgar soon, isn't it?

  2. Hi Alan,
    so far the '24 at a time' experiment is going fine. Yesterday evening I painted the first layer on all the white, and that was a bit of a struggle - white is a difficult colour (controlling the consistency of the paint on the pallette is hard with whites for some reason) and there's lots of straps and things on these figures (their leather straps are white). But I persevered and the white's done (at least the first layer). Though I need to get a bigger holding box - it fits only 20 miniatures :).
    Re Trafalgar - once all the ships are done (later this month I think) I'm going to do a nice photo shoot with them in the correct positions for Trafalgar. No reason not to turn that into a game later on :)