Sunday, 14 December 2014

Wooden Legionnaires in the Desert

One of the most distinctive set of wargaming miniatures in my collection are the "Woodens" - lasercut wooden flat figures. Once produced by Windcatcher Graphics (no longer in existence), they provide a nice alternative to the "round metal" figures most wargamers use these days.

I have used these figures before, most notably for our Crisis 2003 game, and for a try-out game using the 1929 wargaming rules called Shambattle (both of these links point to the old Tiny Tin Men website).

I first got to know about Woodens through some adverts in Wargames Illustrated in 1999. Although figures were made for various periods (Colonial FFL, AWI, ACW), most  of the figures I own are from the French Foreign Legion and Arab range.

This weekend, I decided to take them out for another photoshoot. Enjoy.

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