Saturday, 31 January 2015

Antares 2401 Campaign: Mission VIII

Yesterday we played mission VIII in our Antares 2401 campaign. The mission: an amphibious assault on island Cardamon (located in the Spice System), homebase of the criminal Krypton Venk. Gamma squad (Bart) and Epsilon squad (Eddy) were selected for this highly dangerous mission, supported by Combat Engineers from Zeta squad and the Rookies from Theta Squad (note: normally, each player only commands his own assigned squad, but since only two players were available, each got an additional support squad).

The mission went not as expected. For the first time in the campaign, the StarMarines had to withdraw and abort the mission. Several StarMarines were left behind. The players blamed the GM for setting up an unwinnable scenario, the GM agreed :-)

Bart and Eddy making a tactical plan before the start of the game.

More planning ...

Theta Squad is stroming the beach.

Epsilon Squad has disembarked.

Theta and Epslion squad trying to take out the first enemy positions.

Combat Engineers from Zeta Squad are wading ashore.

Artillery is hitting the beach (right). First enemies taken out (left).

Right: The indestructible bunker!

Theta Squad ripping a mercenary to pieces.

Overview of the game: massacre on the beach?

Gamma squad flaming a machine gun.

How much damage can that bunker take?

Theta and Gamma squad moving towards the hinterland.
The game ended close after the last photograph. The defenders were too numerous, and crossing an open field using our current rules is a deadly exercise!

In hindsight, the scenario was a bit unbalanced. But what can we do about that after the facts?

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