Sunday, 4 November 2018

Crisis 2018: Da Loot!

A show such as CRISIS is always a good opportunity to get the wargaming juices flowing again, and buying new things is definitely part of that.

So, here's my pile of loot I hauled back home:

In no particular order of importance:
  • Black Powder, version 2. We have played a lot of Black Powder games over the years, so it was sort of a given I would buy the new rulebook. However, as I explained to many people I chatted with when we ran our game, we don't really care about an 100% correct interpretation of the rules. We modify all our rules according to our own uninformed opinions anyway, so I have no clue how "true" we still are to the BP rules as written. But anyway, nice book!
  • Refighting History, vols 4, 5, 6. Once you start a collection of books, it's hard to stop. I really like these books, they are a tremendous source of inspiration for the gentlemen-wargamer. In due time, they will be added to the Magazine Index.
  • Strontium Dog, starter set. I posted about this before.
  • Wargamer's Annual: same remarks as Refighting History ...
  • Naval Secrets of Wargaming Design: the 8th volume in a series that reprints the artcles written by Wally Simon. Very inspirational, especially if you're more of a wargamer-tinkerer rather than a wargamer-consumer.
  • War Games through the Ages, Don Featherstone: picked it up for 13 Euro, and a nice addition to my library of classic wargaming books.
  • 2nd hand scifi minis: great for our Antares campaign - which reminds me that we should get this fired up again.
  • Some minis from Brother Vinni ...
  • And a bunch of blisters with old fantasy miniatures. I'm a sucker for the classic fantasy lines, and if one can pick up a bunch of blisters for 2 euro a piece, I'm always there to scoop them up.
I also sold some things:
  • An unpunched version of Avalon's Hill Afrika Korps.
  • A bunch of old roleplaying materials, mainly Runequest,  ICE, and Pendragon stuff.
Selling such old and classic gaming materials always results in fun conversations filled with nostalgia and stories from the good old days.


  1. Nice pile of loot! The Refighting History books were a great find.

  2. Some great finds, Phil! I'm a bit jealous for your fine copy of the Featherstone book.

    1. Wim,
      I picked it literally in the last hour. It was with one of the booksellers, lying in visible and plain sight ;-)