Sunday, 10 November 2019

Crisis 2019: Pictures

See this blogpost for my Crisis 2019 loot.
See this blogpost for my Crisis 2019 Impressions

This weekend the largest (miniature) wargaming convention on mainland Europe took place once again in Antwerp. This was my 20th Crisis, and with our gaming group we staged our 23rd consecutive game.

Since the show is so large, I only took pictures from a few games when wandering around.

Main overview of Hall 2:

Our own game, WW2 based on the Arnhem campaign is shown in the following photographs. Our intention was to use the Chain of Command rules, but this of course quickly transformed in freeform Kriegsspiel as usual ;-) Some of our vehicles and buildings (the Hartenstein hotel) are 3D printed.

Some of the other games:

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  1. Thanks for sharing - the game with the Triremes in front of the sea walls looks great!