Sunday, 10 November 2019

Crisis 2019: The Loot

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So, what did I buy? Not too much this year. I already have so many wargaming items lying around, that I've become rather selective in what I do and don't buy. But this is what I got this year:
  • From the 2nd hand market: some old scifi figures; Dark Future (only 8 euro), and it also has the White Fever expansion; and 3 old Kryomek blisters. I'm a sucker for old scifi and fantasy blisters, so I always try to pick some up;
  • The Wargamers Annual 2019 - I have all the previous volumes, so hard to stop now;
  • Refighting History Volume 7 - same. Both from Caliver books;
  • From Warlord games, the fantasy rules Erehwon. I'm a big Rick Priestley fan!
  • An old Genadier modeling kit from the Colossal Lords range. Did I mention yet I love old fantasy miniatures? 
  • 4 dice trays for 10 euro total from Deep Cut Studio. They had a big heap of these things, and you could grab the ones you want;
  • The convention freebie figure;
  • Some old Minifigs fantasy figures I traded with a wargaming pal for an old fantasy boardgame.

I also invested in a new lamp with magnifying glass. I tried several with a figure in hand - my eyesight is not what it used to be - and this one was a good deal for 45 euro.

And last but not least, a bunch of old magazines I received from Rich Clarke from Too Fat Lardies, to support the wargaming magazine project.

Some good haul, and thankfully we have an extended weekend here in Belgium, so I have some time to sort it all out and store it in proper locations.


  1. Hi again Phil. As I also own the Warlords of Erewon rules, we might try to play a game one of these weeks!