Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Imaginations in 42mm (15)

Within a few weeks we will run a game at Warcon, using the imaginations 42mm figures.

So far, my initial experiments were based on using the Kallistra hexgrid, but I don't feel like transporting all these hex tiles. So I took out an old battlemat which can serve the same purpose. The cells on this battlemat are larger than the Kallistra hexes, so I wanted to see whether it works "visually", and I think it does.

I want to aim for a more simplistic "toy-like" visual impression, so I have kept the battlefield relatively simple and clean. Currently, it's based on a "find the ford" scenario, with both sides trying to secure 2 or 3 unknown ford locations. It's a scenario we have played before and always produces a good encounter battle.

I still want to add some buildings and possibly some more units.

The rules also still need to be worked on. The wooden chips (both for indicating the hidden location of the ford, and next to one unit as status markers) are from a very old "Nain Jaune" game, and fit in with the visuals, rather than shiny plastic markers.

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