Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Repairing an old building

Roughly 30 years ago, I bought the "Warhammer Townscape" set from Games Workshop. It had a set of cardboard buildings, very usable for a beginning wargamer. I still have all the buildings in that set (you might see them in some of the photographs on this blog), and still use them. Although there are many more high-quality buildings available these days, the Townscape set is still a favourite of mine, tapping in the nostalgia of my early wargaming days.

Anyway, the set also has a windmill, which is very fragile. The sails (or blades) regularly snapped off and I had to repair them many times. But I never did it in a good way, but with the clearing up of Lowenheim, I finally made a decent repair, with the sails detachable for easy storage.

The windmill, roof detached, sails all loose.

The separate sails. The idea is to make a more sturdy axle (using a nail), and some paint brush protectors as a shaft.

Gluing the sails on a piece of balsa wood.

Sails put together.

Nail attached.

Nail and shaft together.

Gluing the shaft inside the windmill.

Test 1.

Test 2, now all that remains is to glue the roof back together. Ready for another 30 years of service.

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