Friday, 28 December 2012

Busch's Grenadiers and some wild Celts

As said, December is a very productive month painting wise here at the Command Post (I live above the Post Office, and when we play games we Command our toy soldiers—hence the moniker). Here's some of the recent output, already shown before but now all dolled up:

IMG 3071

These are of course the odd couple Stomachabundix and Loonix, both shown before but now based. Unfortunately, and I only noticed this in this picture, it seems some of Loonix tattoos have run a bit. I probably did not wait long enough before putting the varnish on …
And here's the full unit of Busch's Grenadiers for the Great Northern War:

IMG 3075

And unphotographed but finished tonight are 8 Warlord Roman archers - 57 Olley points for December!

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