Saturday, 15 December 2012

Stipsciz Hussars

One our fellow wargame clubs (read: another bunch of guys that plays in each other's attics and garages :) ) in Belgium are the Stipsciz Hussars. Ever since I started on the strange attractor that is Napoleonics in 28mm (the One True Scale) I knew that at some point in time, I would have to paint up the Austrian hussars that gave them their name. That point in time has now come:

IMG 3037

The figures are from Alban Miniatures and the flag is from Maverick Models (I use the 'Effect on Material' style of flag). And yes, I know the flag is probably wrong and certainly ridiculously oversized, but I call war gamers' license on this one. My miniatures, my unit, I decide the size of the flags :).

As an aside, I'm reading General de Brigade rules at the moment with the idea of using them for the Napoleonics games. So far we use Black Powder, which is very good and works well, but I want to see what happens with a more specific Napoleonic ruleset. Unfortunately, while the unit pictured above is played as one unit in Black Powder, in GdB it's only one squadron, with typical units being two squadrons. So they might have some friends coming soon :)

As a further aside, the lead two stands have been painted almost a year ago. They have already seen action (including in this year's Crisis game) but have also been featured in one of the 'big name' wargame magazines. Kudos to the first commenter (apart from the S&V guys themselves - that would be cheating :) ) to find magazine and issue.