Sunday, 23 December 2012

Elephant Man

One of the project ideas playing around in the back of my head for 2013 is mass fantasy battle. Rules would be a modified Hail Caesar or a home brew set by rules writer extraordinaire Phil. As to figures, I have of course already amassed a sizeable lead and plastic mountain for this, consisting of dwarfs, elves, orcs and some weirder stuff. This is one of the weirder bits:

IMG 3059IMG 3060IMG 3061

This is (obviously) an elephant man figure from Dragonblood Miniatures (called Cavalcade Wargames when I ordered them). For some reason I think he is going to be an ally for the dwarfs. No idea why though.

As an aside, the Russian Grenadiers of the previous post have now been brought up to their full 18 painted miniatures, but I'm only photographing and posting them when the basing is finished. December has been a very good painting month, reaching 47 Olley points, with maybe more to come.

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  1. Bart,

    If you also have an interest in developing some mass fantasy rules, perhaps we should sit together for an evening and have a brainstorm about this. You know it is one of my longstanding projects to look for the ultimate mass fantasy battle ruleset.

    I also was thinking about using Hail Caesar as a template: keeping the basic unit stats and combat resolution fairly simple, and adding special abilities to add fantasy flavour.