Wednesday, 28 July 2021

The Battle of Salem Cemetery (4)

Turn 3.

First, the Confederates have to take morale tests, and one infantry unit on the right flank had to retreat 2 hexes.

So the first job was to restore the advancing front on the right flank, no problems. We're advancing slowly towards the Union position near the cemetary:

The centre brigade immediately failed its first command roll, so no action there:

On the left flank, more movement so a slow advance was ordered:

The Union kept firing away on its left flank. Almost all command rolls successful, so the advancing infantry units took some hits:

The centre wanted to fire as well, but the 2nd command roll failed. Luckily, we decided to use a (useless) chance card and go for a reroll.

But the reroll failed as well (a 7+ is needed for a succesfull command roll):

On the right flank, the approaching cavalry is too good a target not to charge:

All charge responses worked out fine, so we needed to roll some dice. Union: Strength 7 unit ==> 3 dice + 2 for charging + 1 for first melee of the game = 6 dice. Confederates: Str 10 unit ==> 5 dice + 1 for first melee of the game ==> 6 dice. So we rolled them and paired them up. The charging Union inflicts 5 casualties!

The 2nd cavalry unit wants to charge as well, but for the charge response we rolled a 1! Let's not waste our last chance card on a reroll, so lets's see what happens ...

... and we roll a 17! Luckily, our unit is still at Str 10, so no problem.

Situation at the end of turn 3, as seen from the Confederate side:

To be continued ...


  1. Still early days, but the Union seem to be getting the better of it (despite the failed command/fire).
    Napoleon looking on is a nice touch!
    Regards, James
    p.s I am a big fan of having units stand in for others 'heavily disguised' is how I usually put it!

    1. The Napoleon figurine is a memento from the Waterloo Battlefield. He's usually present in all my games :-)
      Sometimes we use him as an exchange token when we use the "Lucky General" mechanic: if you have Napoleon, you can reroll a die result, but then Napoleon switches sides. It's a nice gimmick that can be used as a meta-mechanic in many rules.

    2. The figurine is also quit heavy (solid metal), so it adds to the psychological effect when you hand over the Napoleon ... you're giving up your luck! ;-)