Monday, 26 July 2021

The Battle of Salem Cemetery (3)

Turn 2.

The Confederates start, and it's a good opportunity to play a chance card on the battered artillery unit trying to occupy the central hill. Bringing up the artillery and pounding on Union units near Salem Cemetery is part of the mission.


The central brigade commander gave an immediate fire order to that same artillery unit ...

... and brought up the 2nd artillery battery while deploying the cavalry reserves.


On the right flank, the advance across the open plain proceeded, making use of a "Forced March" chance card.

The left flank remained mostly stationary due to failed command order.

Now it was time for the Union to react. First, the left and central flank started firing at the approaching rebels.

The right flank failed a command order, so this was the battlefield situation after two turns:


  1. Will the Union strategy of sitting still and firing work out?!
    I have to admit, your use of Union cavalry as stand-ins for the Confederates had me doing a double-take, thinking that I'd missed the gallant cavalry charge (and wondering how they had got behind the guns)! :)
    Regards, James

    1. Hi James,

      I'm playing the scenario as outlined in WSS issue 114 - The Union is defending with 'weaker'units - in my rules they started at roughly 70% strength as the Confederates. The idea is also that they sit still and to see whether the Confederates can take the position. But granted, if this wouldn't be a solo game, there would probably be some more 'action' :-)

      Good spot on those Confederate cavalry. I didn't have enough conf cav figures available, so some union troops are acting as stand-ins ... reminds me of an old Featherstone article (I believe), in which he mentioned fighting a complete cav battle, but if you didn;t have enough figures, anything from biblical times to the dark medieval ages could be used, and you wouldn;t see the difference ;-)